Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekends are great

Weekends are usually pretty good. Just a little break from the normal, daily grind where I can rest (sort of) and spend time with all my boys. But then we have weekends like last weekend. Where it's full, but fun. My family came out to visit and cheer on my super awesome second Dad in a half marathon here in town on Saturday. We had such a great time and I was so proud of Phil for not only finishing, but shedding 19 minutes off his running time!

Hanging out before...

Wait, I think I see him!
Here he comes!
Crossing the finish line...he did not finish in 1minute 51 seconds. I am kicking myself for cutting off the time in this shot!

All of us! (minus Mr. F since he was taking the pic)
High five!

What a great time!

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