Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas and stuff

Well, our first Christmas as the newest Fergus family has come and gone. It was a fun one, no doubt. I didn’t take many pics, I just didn’t have it in me this time. But it surely was a memorable one! We had our annual family Christmas party at the Wells' household Saturday, Christmas Eve eve. There was tons of food, it was yummy (I ate so much!) We pulled out the guitar (and a new addition-the drums) and sang...there was some dancing too, no doubt. Ever seen my Johnny Cash dance? It's so fun! We had a good ole time!

The rest of the weekend was good, of course. We spent some time with Ross’ family, got to see his sister and her new husband, and then Monday we went to my mom’s to have Christmas with them. We watched home movies most of the time, made fun of each other from way back then and it was really fun. Everyone got us some really nice gifts too, which are greatly appreciated. J Oh, and did I mention I ate way too much??? I think I gained 10 lbs or something!

Even though Ross and I didn’t get to do much for us as a new family, we had such a great time being with our peeps. We love them all!

This is me with some Christmas gifts...

and this is our official Christmas pic!

As for Tuesday, Ross and I had a lazy day. We vegged out on the couch and didn’t do too much. It was great! Now it’s back to work, and I’m oh so sad. But hey, it’s only a 3 day week, and then another 3 day weekend! Wooooo!

2007, here we come!

Good night!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kid play...

So, yet another fun weekend at the Fergus household. I know you are all anxiously awaiting the Fergus tales. So, Friday night we went out a date! Yes, married people still go out on dates. We went to dinner and then saw Stranger Than Fiction, which was actually pretty good. It was a little weird, but good. Dustin Hoffman made the whole movie. You would think Will Ferrell would since he was the main character, but not quite…although he did do a good job. Saturday was just a fun, do nothing day. Sunday we drove to Memphis for my nephew’s bday party at…remember? You got it…Pump It Up!! It was so much fun! I tell ya, that is one place where you can feel like a kid again. I think Ross almost broke my toes once, I couldn’t get up the inflatable wall in the obstacle course (and I kept trying, several times in fact), and 20 kids kept trying to tackle me in the jousting bounce! But it’s all good, cause I think I lost about 10 lbs just in one day! Here are some pics…

Yes, that's me, that slide was the funnest thing ever

So, needless to say we had a really fun time. I told Ross that we should have our own party there, with our friends! How fun would that be, we wouldn’t have to watch out for killing any little kids! Let’s do it!

Ross just informs me this morning that he will have 2 weeks off from work, paid, for Christmas. Working at a college has it’s ups, I guess. I get 2 days off. That’s it. Yay for me.

I think that’s all for now. I will be blogging some more soon as our lives just continue to get more exciting. Oh, I promised some folks I would post some pictures of the new furniture, so here they are…

So comfy!!!!!

Monday, December 4, 2006

Weekends, you gotta love em

It was a busy, but good weekend at the Fergus house. Friday night we joined the Y. I don’t think you understand how extremely difficult it was for me to get Ross to finally join a gym. I haven’t been going regularly since we moved…which has not been good for me.

So, we finally bagged those leaves! I know you were waiting in suspense for that one. We thought someone would just come pick them up….but no. Silly us. We got to bag them all ourselves. It took us an hour and a half in the freezing cold. I had a pair of yellow dishwashing gloves on under some cloth hunting gloves, and my fingers were STILL ice cold! Ross was a trooper though, he didn’t have any gloves on under the hunting gloves. 14 bags later, my back and legs were so sore and shaking, but at least it’s all done and our yard looks somewhat pretty now!

Then we decided to go furniture shopping. We thought we’d try this one other store we hadn’t looked at before buying a sectional couch that we kind of liked at another store. Well, we walk into this store and the first couch we see, we fell in love with! So, we talk to the guy and he gives us a really awesome price, so we’re diggin this whole deal. Then Ross spots a really funky chair that he loves that matches the couch, so he’s like “we have to get this too!” The kicker, my favorite part, was this. The guy told us he could have it to us by Wednesday…of this week! I was like heck yeah, dude! Bring it on! All the other places told us, 3-6 weeks for delivery. So, yeah, that was our fun furniture buying experience. I think it was meant to be. At least we’ll have something in our empty living room. We won’t have to squinch on this tiny loveseat anymore…cats and all! I’m sure I’ll get pics up when we get it in and all situated n stuff!

Then we wanted to go to walmart to get a Christmas tree, but the parking lot was CRAZY. Angry Christmas shoppers everywhere! We decided to go back later and get one. So, it’s later. We go to Walmart, pick out a $30 tree and a few other things, take it home and set it up!

It looks so funny though. It’s the dinkiest tree ever, and it has so many bald spots, but I absolutely love it! It’s our first tree! J Our cats try to eat it a lot too. Sometimes I wonder if they even have brains, it’s a fake tree!

Sunday, we went to church. It was a good service. I wanted to bake some cookies for our small group meeting that night, but our oven sucks. I mean, it does not cook well at all. So, sadly, I burned those cookies. L I still took them to group though, and people actually ate them. What a sweet group of people! Ha!

That’s pretty much it for this past weekend. I’m looking forward to this week, getting the furniture and then my nephew’s bday party is this Sunday. PUMP IT UP, baby!!! I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but it’s THE funnest place on earth. I’m sure I’ll have to blog about it after the weekend is over. It’s a total kid’s place, but sometimes I think it’s more fun for adults….we can appreciate it more.