Monday, September 20, 2010

Bewitched, Zumba and Chicken Pot Pie

Yes, those are probably the 3 most random things ever to be in the same sentence. But that is how I roll. I am random just about all the time. Just ask my Mister.

There aren't too many shows that I would call charming, but Bewitched is one of them. How sweet and lovely Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) is, the husband-wife dynamic, the light but fun comedy, and the neat way they shot it, because after all, it probably wasn't as easy to make something disappear or float back then as it is now. I just love it. Shows nowadays are so dark, heavy or just full of stupidness that I can't handle much of anything on tv these days. There is something about that earlier era that appeals to me. When Darrin was tempted to cheat on Samantha, he didn't. Nowadays, the husband would have cheated in a second. Maybe they had it right back in the 60s... at least with tv anyway. Are there any old shows you love?

Tonight I tried my hat at Zumba. I have to admit, I don't think I did very well. It sure was fun, though. The best part was watching all the older ladies (and men too!) shake their rears like it was nobody's business. Now, if my friends Ashley or Kate would quit being lame and come with me, we could all have a good time laughing at each other!

Here is my chicken pot pie recipe. I tried something new with the sauce and I think it turned out well! The leftovers will surely get eaten tomorrow!

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