Friday, August 22, 2008

Life is a blessing

So many awesome things are happening in my life right now and I want to take a minute to tell you just a few of them:

1. I am now the Kid's Ministry Director at my church (called Fellowship Kids). I am SUPER excited about this. This came at the perfect time and I am so grateful.

2. Jude has teeth! (notice I said teeth, not tooth--he has 2!) My baby is growing up. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. I love to see him grow, but want him to stay my little baby forever.

3. We have how adopted our 2nd dog to make our pack complete, Chett (aka Chett Baxter Fergus). He is beautiful 3 year old Boxer boy and fits perfectly in our family. We only had fostered him for a few days when we decided he was the one! We had to have him.

4. We are in a new community group, full of wonderful people. New people for us to get to know and grow closer with. I am really excited.

4. I am growing and changing more and more as a mother, wife and woman of God. I love it. There is nothing better.

Of course there are so many more wonderful things in my life, those are just a few. I am so blessed!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jude's future girlfriend

Jude already has the spot of his future girlfriend taken and he met her for the first time a few weekends ago. Her name is Ella Rose and she's a beautiful, happy, chubby baby, and is just a bit older than him. You know how the guys like those older women! Well, he'll at least appreciate that when he's old enough to date. Look, she's already trying to hold his hand. :) A match made in heaven.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuells in town!

This week my aunt, uncle and cousins are visiting from Jacksonville, FL. Since we couldn't make the trip to Memphis to see them, they graciously came to see us. It was a really fun time. We cooked burgers, drank coffee, sat around and talked, I cherished it greatly. Here are some pictures from the day.

Jude and Shawn were looking at each other. It was too cute!

The Tillmans, plus 1 Fergus

Us hanging out

Jude and his grandad

3/4 of the Tuells

Alex, Chelsea and Jude

Here they all are...with Jude ---note that my uncle was asleep. We figured we would just go ahead and take the pictures, even with him asleep.

Thanks you guys for coming to see us. We so enjoyed having everyone out!

Friday, August 8, 2008

New pics of my man

Just wanted to post some recent pics of our boy. He is growing up so fast!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who Let the Dogs Out!

Yes, that is the most annoying song ever. However, I'm not talking about the song, I'm talking about my house! We've since done in our house of kitties for a house of canines. We still have our Fiona, but have since taken in 2 foster dogs recently from a great rescue. Leo aka Peanut aka Mr. Mash (...Oscar Mash) is a white/fawn boxer (mix?) puppy we've had for going on 2 months now. Chett is a gorgeous 3 year old fawn Boxer boy whom we've only had for 4 days. So, this is our pack! We've enjoyed adding more dogs to the family, even if it's only temporary. Fiona has certainly liked it. She used to mope around the house all day looking all lonely and sad. But not anymore! I took these pictures of them today and just had to post them. They are too cute!

Here is Chett. We think he looks like Batman with his cropped ears.

Here is Leo aka Peanut aka Mr. Mash (laying on Fiona)

And here are the three of them playing today...

Yes, they all three have a piece of that flat football. :) The playing looks pretty vicious, but it's really not. Boxers are usually a somewhat rough breed. Their playing sometimes looks scary!

We are actually thinking about adopting Chett. He is such a good dog and we have fallen in love with him. What can I say, that big boy has stolen our hearts!

Oh, and if you're looking to add a 4 legged member to add to your family, consider a Boxer! They are such great dogs, and really good looking, too. There are so many out there that need good homes. This rescue is the best, we love these guys! BoxAR Rescue