Thursday, September 9, 2010

Consider it a joy when you go through trials...

These past few weeks have been full of anxiety, worry and just plain exhaustion. You know how it is. Sometimes life stuff gets you questioning your faith, your abilities, and even your worth. I go through this every time there is a trial in my life. I just can't seem to learn from it. I've been through every emotion in the past week, but the best way I can describe it is joyless. Or Frustrated. Or unbelievably exhausted. Any one will do, but joyless sums it up best. But frankly, I am tired of feeling like that. I don't know how miserable people go through their whole lives being miserable. It's exhausting and it just plain sucks. There has been a looming sense of worry over my shoulders for 2 weeks. So today, I am letting it go. I am choosing joy, I am choosing faith and I am choosing love. I will choose joy in God and family, and not in my circumstances. I will choose faith in the One who sustains me and fulfills all my needs. I will choose to love my husband and kids, instead of loving myself, and just trying to cover up the pain with a book or zoning out online. After all, that's what trials are for, right? So that we can learn, change and grow. At least I think so.

Last night we had tacos. Tonight, I am thinking about trying this new recipe from the Pioneer Woman (but add chicken, of course). If you want to view it, go here. Although I don't have any cream, or half n half for that matter. Maybe regular milk will do? We will see!

Even though I do not like this picture of myself, I wanted to give a shout out to my awesome sister-in-law, who is due in October (10-10-10-coolest due date ever). She is such a great friend and sister. We are so excited to be welcoming baby Lucy to our family in just a few weeks! Love her and Sammie big time!

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samantha said...

What's going on? What circumstances are causing you to be so sad? :(