Monday, September 13, 2010

B-E-Autiful day!

Just because I know you can't go a day without seeing my sweet boy's face...

I watched two good movies this weekend. Killers and I Could Never Be Your Woman. Killers was cute, light, fun (except for the killing people part) and had 2 of my favorite people to watch on screen. I Could Never Be Your Woman is an older movie that was really funny, cute and had my favorite funny guy in it (Paul Rudd)--although I have to add that the parenting in it isn't my style at all. Just watch it for fun and not for parenting advice, and you'll enjoy it. We also watched a really disturbing movie called Harry Brown. I honestly wish I could unsee it. Just erase it from memory. Where is Eric Northman when you need him? Unless you like movies about revenge, kids and drugs, with very strong violence and language and disturbing sexual content, I wouldn't recommend seeing it. I guess I need to be a little more knowledgeable in my movie choices next time.

I can't figure out what meat I want to make for dinner. We have a ton of fresh fish in our freezer, but I'd have to thaw it a certain way in which I should have started this morning and I did not. And I am soooo sick of chicken. Maybe I'll cook the frozen salmon and veggies? I am a super indecisive person, can you tell?

I am so in love with fall. I can't decide if I like fall or spring better. They are both so lovely. What about you? Which one do you like more?

POST EDIT: I ended up cooking chicken with a red sauce drizzled over it and parmesan cheese and steamed broccoli and carrots. Yum yum!

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