Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I just realized as I was typing out my dinner plans last night (that later were changed) that I need to be more intentional about planning out my meals. Reading through my previous posts, they usually read like this "Well, I think I am going to make this, but I'm not sure, or I could make this, or this, or this..." and then they end with "we'll see!" I don't know about you, but that is frustrating to me! I usually don't get started with dinner until 5:30 or 6 because I can't flippin decide what I want to cook, which means we eat late, which isn't good. Soooo, starting this week (after grocery shopping), I'm going to post a weekly menu of what we'll be eating so maybe I can bring some order and accountability to my life. Help me out here, friends!

We're getting ready to go to our first fall story time at the Library...which just happens to be one of my most favorite places. Jude will usually only sit through a little bit of the time, but he's a little boy. What do you expect? :)

Oh, for tonight, I am definitely cooking some fresh fish caught by our super awesome friends Derrick and Ashley. She said the fish was taking over her whole freezer and was ready to get rid of some. I said, "We'll take it!" I'll probably drizzle it with lemon juice and some spices, cook some roasted red potatoes and sweet peas to go with it. And maybe I'll get to make a grocery run tomorrow and start my weekly planning!

POST EDIT: I decided that fried fresh catfish sounded better than baked and drizzled with lemon juice. So, fried it is!

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