Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Snow Day at our House

Snow days are fun. Well, they're really only fun for like a day and then I'm ready for the snow to be gone and the roads to be clear to drive on. The thing is, the south never sees real snow. We might get an inch or so once a year, but the south is known for its ice. Not snow, but ice. So, when we got 6 inches or so on Thursday/Friday, you could imagine our surprise. There's just something about snow that makes everyone giddy and even though I don't absolutely love it, I think its fun nonetheless.

Here's what a day looks like in our house on a snow day.

Just hangin out in our pjs.

Bein silly and making faces.
Jude always wants to touch the camera!

A little Spiderman.
A snack...cereal makes the best snack.
More hangin out on the couch.
A good old movie. Laughs. Cuddling.

Then a nap is in order...

...even for the doggies.
Wake up! Time to play in the snow!

Snow days are no make-up days. This is why I'm not in many of these pictures...besides the fact that I was (am) the one taking them.
It was a good day...and a good weekend, too. We spent most of the weekend inside, hanging out, just us 3. Tomorrow is back to work, back to the daily grind. I guess that can be a good thing too, things can't always stay in play-around mode....unfortunately. :)

Only a week and a half left until Ezra makes his grand debut!! I am EXTREMELY ready!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yay for showers!

The sweet girls in my small group threw me a GREAT shower, with yummy food with the most DELICIOUS cake! Seriously, I ate on that thing for like a week. I was so sad to see it gone. We got some good stuff and had a great time.

The cake, in all its yumminess.

I had to cut the cake, and I cut a REALLY big accident. Cutting cakes is not my thing.

The beautiful hostesses minus one!
The sweet guests!

The flowers were beautiful too!
Thanks to all my sweet friends who hosted and came out. I truly am blessed by you ladies.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

He's a real man now...

Because he got his first black eye! Even though I have no idea how he got it, it surely was swollen and black....which makes him look like a super hardcore real-man.

Don't ya think? Although I have to say, these pics don't quite capture the true essence of it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Honoring Baby Ezra

My sweet sister threw me the best baby shower last Saturday. The place looked amazing and the food was sooooo good. And to be honest, I felt completely loved by those who threw the shower and those who attended. We got tons of diapers and wipes for Ezra and a few things from our registry that we needed also. I was truly overwhelmed with gratitude. Thanks to all my family and friends who could be there! I love you guys!

The shirts that Jude and Ezra will wear.

This is me at 35 weeks!
The beautiful hostess and me.
Me with my fam! Love these ladies!

Yep, I was trying to breathe. Comfortable for the lungs, not so comfortable for the neck.
Gotta love my sweet grandmothers.
Jude was really sad about us taking the football away from him so we could take the pic. Note to self...taking the ball away = not a fun toddler pic!

Me with my girls! Em, Laura and Adrienne.
My sweet Aunt and Cousin.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Change is good. Its been awhile since change has happened around here. It seems that as soon as you get a good, solid routine down, things change. Well, here we are, 4 weeks before we get to hold our little Ezra, and things are a-changin. I am excited. anxious. nervous. fearful. ecstatic. apprehensive. READY. Yes, a woman can feel all of these things at the same time....and could probably feel even more. I am feeling more excited than anxious. More nervous than fearful. More ready than apprehensive. Nevertheless, I am trying to prepare myself for the obvious change that's coming up, but I don't think you can ever really prepare yourself for those kinds of things. They just happen, and you learn how to deal. I think God does that so we learn how to relinquish control. How I so want to control everything!

Here is a peek into the "changing" parts in our life.

This is what our office/desk looked like before it became Jude's room. 2 desks, chaos and paper everywhere.

Our office after. Now in the living room.

This is what your dining room looks like when you have to move an office out from one space to another, but don't have a whole day to sit and go through everything that was in there. Soooo, here is our temporary holding spot for junk that we can't go through yet. It is quite overwhelming.
Does this even need a caption? :)

The bed rails for the bed came!

Ross putting on the bed rails.

And aerial view of the whole bed. Yes, Spiderman sheets!!! Thanks to Naughnie. :)

Sleepin in his bed. Such a big boy!

More on the big bed transition later. I am too tired to think anymore.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A week in the life...

Our life, that is. :)

But what is up with blogger? I can't cut/paste pics and they upload all I can't put the pics where I want them! Frustrating. Anyway, here are a series of random pics, just us hanging out the past week. We haven't left the house too much since its been cold.

Here is our life!

Not sure why I like this one, its just our living room/kitchen. But I do!

The dogs, napping. Poor guys. Haven't been able to go outside much cause its been cold. They've been soooo bored in the house!
Ross, hard at work, putting up a towel bar in the bathroom.
Jude is always, always trying to mess with the cats. They have learned to either run, or just put up with it.
Pillow on the floor!
Here is the snow we got the other night. All 1 inch of it. Note that I didn't go outside to take this pic. Too cold! This was taken warmly from my window.
I really like this pic!
The camera focused on the pillow instead of him. I think it makes the photo kind of interesting, though.
So, Ross likes to play all kinds of fun games with Jude, some while he's in the tub. This time, it was the water gun (with cold water, no less). As you can see, Jude is thoroughly enjoying it!
And another fun game Ross likes to play...swing Jude upside down!
This is a run shot, running to the bath!
I thought this was so cute. He asked Daddy to come get him...for no apparent reason. He can walk in there himself!
Daddy and Jude a-wrestlin!
Havin a snack..mmm, yogurt. He may be wearing more than he ate, I'm not sure.
Ross took this pic and thought it was pretty neat. Jude's reflection in the microwave.
Love, love, love those brown eyes!
Gotta get every bit off those fingers!
The dogs playin...
Our Fiona.
Chett saying hello!
Who's not in any pictures??? I'm a part of this family, I promise. :)