Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial weekend=fun times

Oh my gosh, I know it's been forever since I've's so hard to sit at the computer when I'm at home.
This blog is actually dedicated to our fun weekend we had at the Tillmans' lake house last weekend. They have this awesome house on Pickwick lake in Tennessee and we got invited to spend the weekend there with my sister, her husband and my niece. It was so fun! We had a blast. We spent a lot of time on their nice boat, I got sunburned...bad, we played pool (they have a pool table), got in the hot tub, drank coffee, read, you know..old people stuff! :) I brought my knitting stuff but got chastised for it, so needless to say, I wasn't about to get it out much less actually knit. So no knitting on my relaxing weekend, boo. :( Anyway, here's some pics from our fun weekend...

The drive there

My sister, Jamie and Jessie in the hot tub

Jess and I on the boat

The boat, we went 78 mph!!

lake scenery

aww, sisters

Us in the hot tub

us sunbathing

I dunno what I was doing (I'm on the left)

Well, hello there

Is Ross dead?

On the boat

More on the boat

yeah, we spent a lot of time on that boat

Jess really was driving! ...for a second, literally

I like taking pics of one else does it! :)

Ross and me

So, that's it! It was awesome.

Some fun quotes of the weekend:

"Don't pee in's clogged!"
"I'm gonna have to do the squat off the ladder thing"
"Ok, I think we're lost"
"Crunk Real Estate"
"Dude, that spider is looking right at me"
"I wish I had my SUNGLASSES!"