Saturday, December 19, 2009

How do we fight the "stuff?"

This year, I am really struggling. I have always, well, in my adult life, fought materialism. I do not want to be a person who wants or has a bunch of "stuff." But sometimes, I think I need all this stuff for me to be happy...even though I really know it won't make me happier. Its a battle of the mind, really. However, this year, the materialism is manifesting itself in a whole different light.

With my kid(s).

Last year, we didn't get Jude much of anything. We got him a few gifts and let the grandparents kinda step in and go nuts. He was 10 months old and although we loved it, he really didn't give a rip. But, this year, I have found myself feeling that how much we get him equals how much we love him and I have been wanting to get him e.v.e.r.y.thing. I've even found myself trying to justify it by saying (in my head, of course) he really needs all this stuff. He really needs a wood work bench with a hammer and tons of big cars to push around and oh, lots of picture books, a gazillion dvds, and every kind of ball out there with goals to match and blah....blah.........blah.

Anyone else have trouble with this, or is it just me?

I am reading a great parenting book (see sidebar) and I just read this last night, that one good way to cultivate generosity and kindness in your kids....give. them. less.

Whoa. Exactly what I needed to hear in this season of fighting "stuff." I so want my kids to be kind and generous and not greedy. Does Jude really even need all of that stuff? No way. He would probably be a lot better without it. So, I talked to Ross, confessed how I've been thinking, and am changing my thoughts and attitude. It's hard. Because "stuff" can be fun. But, being content with what you have (or with what you can get your kids for Christmas) is even better.

p.s.- We did get Jude a few fun things for Christmas and we're really excited about spending our first Christmas together as a family in our own house....and watching Jude light up with excitement at the 1 big thing we know he'll like. :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Life of a Stay-at-home-mom

Being a stay at home mom means you can be in your pjs until 11am and that's totally fine. Well, I can't be, but Jude sure can. :)

Here's his new 'do. He desperately needed a haircut! Now I can see his face! (how did Tigg sneak into this one?)

And who says a toddler doesn't like to wipe his own nose...

Last night, the last thing I got Jude for Christmas was a new coat, one that was super warm and had a hood. I tried it on him last night to see if it fit and he loved it so much, he wore it around for like 30 minutes...hood and all. It was so funny!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Before I start this post, I have to start off with a belly shot. I have several people who have been begging me for one, so here ya go! Here I am at 30.5 weeks.

During our small group on Sunday, our leader asked us what our old family Christmas traditions were as kids. I got a little sad. I couldn't remember a single one. My family has always done fun things and enjoyed being with one another for Christmas, but have we had any traditions? I can't remember. Ask my parents, because pregnant brain has set in. Well, we have started a new tradition where we go to breakfast together, but that is our favorite thing to do together, so I'm not sure it would be strictly considered a Christmas tradition.

Ross talks a lot about his family traditions from childhood. How his parents would wake them up on Christmas morning with these silly old Christmas albums/songs and how him and his sister would wake his parents up at 5am to open presents (even though they'd already kinda know what they were cause they were SNEAKY, bad kids, hehe).

Hearing him go on about his family traditions, it makes me long for and excited about starting my own. Even if we have to steal some that have been previously used (we have acquired his parents' old records that he listened to as a kid and we dance around while listening to them everyday...I have to admit, I LOVE it), that's ok. We will make some new ones of our own, too.

And for that and many other reasons, I am so incredibly giddy about my family this year. Our little Fergus family. Starting a family was something I wasn't sure I'd ever do, before I got married of course. But, it truly is the greatest blessing. Its more than just having babies because that's the thing to do, or because that's what's expected. Its about making your life mean something; finding joy in making traditions and memories that will be a part of your childrens' lives forever.

I am excited!

And of course, the post would be boring without pictures! My sister and I took these at one of our family Christmases this past weekend!

Ross and I (+Ezra)

Jude looking at something.

This was the only pic we could get of the three babies! Well, they're not babies anymore!

Jude and his favorite Aunt Ellen. :)

Papaw and the boys.

Jessie and Sydney.

Us girls with our bro.
Us sisters. I love that girl.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thanksgiving Love

This year, the family Thanksgiving linner (lunch dinner) was at my sister's new house. She was pretty nervous about it, being her first thanksgiving to host and all. But, she need not be worried because the house looked great, the food was delish and there was plenty of it! You know we had to document the event too!

Here we are trying to take a pic of ourselves, since we have no recent pics of us. Someone said (as we were doing this), "dude, there's like 20 people around who can take this pic for you, why are you trying to do it??"

My sister and Shawnie Rich! He looks like a little man!

How cute is my sister? She looked great that day!

Alllll the food. Well, I don't think that's even all of it...that doesn't look like that much!
Mommy, Jess and Jude
The Fergus Family! You can kinda see my baby bump in this pic.
Jude and Addie Lu playing ball together.
How sweet are these boys, giving hugs!
This is Shawn's smile. hehe
Addie Lu and all her cuteness!
This pic cracks me up every time I see it. In his pjs, camo jacket, boots and reading about God. Good stuff.
Us girls with our daddy!
My sweet friends were good enough to come and be with me for a bit.

There's my kid with what he loves best...the BALL!
Isn't he handsome...with his fake smile and all??

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Coming Around

Ahh, its time for the "its been forever since I've posted" post. Yes, it has been over a month (shame on me), and I could go on about how busy I've been, or how this pregnancy is making me EXHAUSTED, blah blah blah. That has all been said before. Really, I'd rather just say that today, I am being the best wife and mom that I can be, I'm laughing constantly at a certain hilarious almost 2year old, and I finally am getting excited about our little Ezra James coming in February.

I know what you're thinking she wasn't excited already??? Yes, of course I was/am happy about our second little boy, but I have not exactly been anticipating his arrival. All I could think about was how Jude didn't sleep at night for the first 3 months (which you mommies know, baby doesn't sleep, mama doesn't sleep) and I was completely and utterly miserable. It was most definitely not the best time of my life. So, all I've been able to think about was that since finding out I was pregnant.

The other day, while Ross and I were dancing around our house listening to old Christmas albums, (while Jude watched skeptically from the sidelines, as if to say, who are these crazy people!) I said, my eyes welling up with tears, "I am really looking forward to having another baby."

And I meant it.

It just took a little longer for me to come around this time.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall-y goodness

Ross took some pics of Jude and I on Halloween afternoon. The leaves were falling off the trees and they blanketed our driveway and yard. It was just so beautiful, I wanted to capture it.

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Next Batman...

This is how Jude "gets the bad guys." We're taking it old school with the punch and the POW! You gotta watch and listen carefully though, because he only whispers the POW. It's his ultrasecretive stealth move so they don't know he's comin' to get 'em.

Christian Bale's got nothing on this kid.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ode to Coffee

Why is coffee so darn good? I fell in love only a few years ago, but now I am hooked. The smell, the taste....even if I do put tons of flavored creamer in it. People tell me it ruins the flavor of the coffee, but I disagree. I don't fill my coffee cup with lots of creamer to cover up the coffee taste. I do it to add to it. I think it makes it even better. Anyway, I was thinking about this today as I was making myself a warm cup of yummy-ness. I thought that I not only love the taste, I love the little caffeine buzz it gives you. It helps me get my butt in gear and get to work...on whatever that may be. Sometimes my motivation is nonexistent.

Now, here's the sad part. My general physician doctor told me on my last visit a few weeks ago that caffeine is REALLY bad for people who have acid reflux disease. His exact words were "its like throwing gas on an open fire." I've had bad reflux for 6-7 years now, and no one has ever told me that-and yes, I've been to many doctors in that time. Since then, I've mentioned that to several other people (who have all said, "oh yeah, I know! It's HORRIBLE"...How come no one told me?), it felt like I was the last one to know a piece of juicy news or something. So, in light of that piece of information, and because I'm 23 weeks pregnant, I've tried to cut back on the caffeine and just drink decaf. It certainly doesn't give me that little buzz that I like, but it still tastes just as good. Today however, I had a full fledged cup of caffeinated coffee and it was LOVELY. I just had to say.

And coffee dates with my friends are my favorite! When you mix good company, conversation and that hot little (or large) beverage, it makes life so much better!

What was the point in posting this? No particular reason. I guess just to tell you, I love coffee, caffeine and all things related...well, except for soda.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fair food makes the Fergus family happy!

About a month ago, we decided to enjoy a little fair time at our small fair in town. We used to just go for the food. The Jude came and we thought it would be fun for him...who are we kidding, we still go for the food. But, he did enjoy himself, and so did mom and dad...for we all got to eat the greasy, high-calorie fair food!

Jude enjoying his VERY FIRST taste of funnel cake! Mmmmm

Shoveling it in.
And then he decided to show it to us.
Enjoying some post-funnel cake beverage.

Ross ate some food.
And drank.

I am so loving his fake smile. I think there may have been some corn stuck in his teeth.
Me and my boy. I couldn't get him to smile.
I ate some too, but no one cared enough to take pictures....thankfully. :)

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of Jude in the petting zoo...which was really quite funny and sweet. He kept saying hi to all the animals and even got a little bit freaked out when he touched the bull's horn. Watching him experience things is so much fun!

I already can't wait til next year! Could I just make some funnel cake at home??

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I don't really have time to say much, so I thought I'd let the pictures say it all. :)

Here are the most recent ones of Jude.

Lookin cute in this outfit! Man, he looks like a big boy!!

Action shot. Always running around!
Here is Jude doing his nightly work-out routine before his bath. He can really crank out those pull-ups! :)

These are from back in August, but I thought they were too sweet not to share.

Jude looooves his sister, Fiona.

And here is Jude with my good friend, Diane, on one of her visits. :)