Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Snow Day at our House

Snow days are fun. Well, they're really only fun for like a day and then I'm ready for the snow to be gone and the roads to be clear to drive on. The thing is, the south never sees real snow. We might get an inch or so once a year, but the south is known for its ice. Not snow, but ice. So, when we got 6 inches or so on Thursday/Friday, you could imagine our surprise. There's just something about snow that makes everyone giddy and even though I don't absolutely love it, I think its fun nonetheless.

Here's what a day looks like in our house on a snow day.

Just hangin out in our pjs.

Bein silly and making faces.
Jude always wants to touch the camera!

A little Spiderman.
A snack...cereal makes the best snack.
More hangin out on the couch.
A good old movie. Laughs. Cuddling.

Then a nap is in order...

...even for the doggies.
Wake up! Time to play in the snow!

Snow days are no make-up days. This is why I'm not in many of these pictures...besides the fact that I was (am) the one taking them.
It was a good day...and a good weekend, too. We spent most of the weekend inside, hanging out, just us 3. Tomorrow is back to work, back to the daily grind. I guess that can be a good thing too, things can't always stay in play-around mode....unfortunately. :)

Only a week and a half left until Ezra makes his grand debut!! I am EXTREMELY ready!!

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Sammie and Mary said...

Ross did you throw snow balls at your son or wife's face or tackle them and smash theirs faces in the snow like you used to do to me?