Monday, January 11, 2010


Change is good. Its been awhile since change has happened around here. It seems that as soon as you get a good, solid routine down, things change. Well, here we are, 4 weeks before we get to hold our little Ezra, and things are a-changin. I am excited. anxious. nervous. fearful. ecstatic. apprehensive. READY. Yes, a woman can feel all of these things at the same time....and could probably feel even more. I am feeling more excited than anxious. More nervous than fearful. More ready than apprehensive. Nevertheless, I am trying to prepare myself for the obvious change that's coming up, but I don't think you can ever really prepare yourself for those kinds of things. They just happen, and you learn how to deal. I think God does that so we learn how to relinquish control. How I so want to control everything!

Here is a peek into the "changing" parts in our life.

This is what our office/desk looked like before it became Jude's room. 2 desks, chaos and paper everywhere.

Our office after. Now in the living room.

This is what your dining room looks like when you have to move an office out from one space to another, but don't have a whole day to sit and go through everything that was in there. Soooo, here is our temporary holding spot for junk that we can't go through yet. It is quite overwhelming.
Does this even need a caption? :)

The bed rails for the bed came!

Ross putting on the bed rails.

And aerial view of the whole bed. Yes, Spiderman sheets!!! Thanks to Naughnie. :)

Sleepin in his bed. Such a big boy!

More on the big bed transition later. I am too tired to think anymore.

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