Friday, January 8, 2010

A week in the life...

Our life, that is. :)

But what is up with blogger? I can't cut/paste pics and they upload all I can't put the pics where I want them! Frustrating. Anyway, here are a series of random pics, just us hanging out the past week. We haven't left the house too much since its been cold.

Here is our life!

Not sure why I like this one, its just our living room/kitchen. But I do!

The dogs, napping. Poor guys. Haven't been able to go outside much cause its been cold. They've been soooo bored in the house!
Ross, hard at work, putting up a towel bar in the bathroom.
Jude is always, always trying to mess with the cats. They have learned to either run, or just put up with it.
Pillow on the floor!
Here is the snow we got the other night. All 1 inch of it. Note that I didn't go outside to take this pic. Too cold! This was taken warmly from my window.
I really like this pic!
The camera focused on the pillow instead of him. I think it makes the photo kind of interesting, though.
So, Ross likes to play all kinds of fun games with Jude, some while he's in the tub. This time, it was the water gun (with cold water, no less). As you can see, Jude is thoroughly enjoying it!
And another fun game Ross likes to play...swing Jude upside down!
This is a run shot, running to the bath!
I thought this was so cute. He asked Daddy to come get him...for no apparent reason. He can walk in there himself!
Daddy and Jude a-wrestlin!
Havin a snack..mmm, yogurt. He may be wearing more than he ate, I'm not sure.
Ross took this pic and thought it was pretty neat. Jude's reflection in the microwave.
Love, love, love those brown eyes!
Gotta get every bit off those fingers!
The dogs playin...
Our Fiona.
Chett saying hello!
Who's not in any pictures??? I'm a part of this family, I promise. :)

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