Thursday, February 4, 2010

7 days

I love these guys. The highlight of my day is when Ross comes home, Jude squeals "daddy!" and they immediately start playing, as though they have been playing all day. Not that Ross has been gone for 8 hours and there's some sort of reintroduction, it seems as though daddy was always here and the game never ends, whatever it is. They pick up where they left off and they are in their own little play-world that mommy is rarely ever a part of. But, it doesn't make me sad. I actually secretly love it. I love to watch them. It makes me all giddy and warm inside to have such a family, to be a part of something so sweet and pure. And I am feeling even more blessed to be adding to that sweetness.

In 7 days.

In 7 days, my life will change. I will be the most exhausted I've ever been, hormonal and in pain, but I will cherish it. I didn't cherish that beginning time with Jude because I wasn't in a good place. I didn't know what to expect and it.was.hard. However, this time, I will choose joy. I will choose to cherish it. Just like tonight. I looked at my belly, which has surprised me with tons of little (BIG) red stretch marks. I have been upset about this for weeks since Jude brought me none of that. But tonight, I chose to look at them and appreciate them. To know that they're there because God has blessed me with not just one great pregnancy and little boy, but 2.

How sweet it is.

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little Ezra. Its weird, though. Thinking about our family as it is now, and how different its going to be. I'm up for the challenge. And I'm ready to experience the joy of a house full of obnoxious little boys! :)

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Sammie and Mary said...

Since the birth of Ezra has gotten closer, I can't wait to see what he looks like!! I wonder "hmm is he gonna look like jude?" or"Hmm I wonder if they are going to look completely different." I can't wait!! You sound so good! sweet pictures!!