Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I found the other pics. For some reason, they were under year 1980, instead of 2009. Of course they'd be under 1980, ha! Whatever! And blogger uploads pictures all weird like, so they are a bit backwards.

Anyway, here is Christmas in Memphis with the Ferguses. :)

(actually, this is a few days after Christmas)

Playing outside on a cooooold day. Our kid likes the cold. He's a weirdo!

He was enjoying this, despite the look on his face.
Eatin cheerios on Papa's chair.
Just wakin up...love that sleepy face!
Playing in the tent with Aunt Mary.
This was too cute.
Jude, with Nanny and Papa! He was on the move and this was the best one we could get.

Here are the ones from Christmas day...well, night really.
My bro-in-law doing something very disturbing...yet very funny. :) Fuzzy Captain Morgan.
Creepy backwards Spiderman!

Kacy playing with Jude.
Jude doing his snort face. The monkey pillow he's holding snorts, and so of course he snorts now too...with the snort face!
My sweet in-laws.
Daddy and Jude...doing the snort face again.
Just some good ole playin!
Grandma Mary holding Jude...although he was really interested in the keys around her wrist.
Jude loves Spiderman!

Mary and I being way too silly with our new gifts.
Aww, sweet.

The guys having a seeerious discussion. Really, they're probably talking about zombies or something.
Jude with Aunt Mary and Uncle Sammie!
Grandparents Fergus with Jude...this is my favorite picture of the night.

Snorting monkey again!

Love those brown eyes!
Ross loves having his picture taken.
The end! We had a great Christmas with both of our families. (I took some pics at my family's too, but I don't have them, boo.)

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Sammie and Mary said...

These were great!! I forgot about the snort face!! It made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants!! I also love the pics of jude and me playin in the "tent". It was great fun! And the one with our grandparents and jude laughing... AMAZING PIC!!!! One of my faves!