Saturday, June 28, 2008

I love lists, too

My friend Emily posted on her blog a list of things that make her most happy and at the end she invited her readers to do the here are mine. The things that bring me the most joy in my life (in no particular order)----

1. Being married to Ross - my marriage is a huge source of joy in my life. No one knows me better than he does and continues to show God's love to me on a daily basis. We can have fun doing absolutely nothing and every day with him is something new and different.

2. Going in to Jude's room to get him first thing in the morning - It seriously is the sweetest thing ever. He is so happy, just talking up a storm and smiling so big, I love it. It makes getting up every morning totally worth it.

3. The "morning experience" - The morning experience consists of me, my Bible and a cup of the yummiest coffee ever. To be able to spend time alone with my God and drink an awesome cup of coffee along with it (that I ground and made myself) is the best part of my day.

4. Doing dances - Anyone who knows me knows that I love to make up dances for anything and everything. Who's seen the Okra Dance or the Johnny Cash dance...let's not forget the FRIDAY DANCE? They are all very fun. I just made up another one last night, the Taco Dance. Love it! Last night Ross told me that something really good happened at work. I asked him if he made up a dance to celebrate, with which he replied "no, babe. That's not me, that's you." :)

5. Jude's laugh -when I get him laughing really hard, it makes my insides hurt. His laugh is seriously the sweetest sound I have ever heard.

6. Home movies - If we had a camcorder, I'd be that annoying guy that always has it on and in everybody's face! I love, love, love home movies. Since we don't have a camcorder, our camera is the next best thing. One day we all will be much older and have forgotten what the early days were like and I will be able to look back and remember Jude as a baby (and our future children), remember us as new parents, and see the good times captured on camera.

7. Music - This may be a superficial one, but music is such good therapy. When I need an uplift, I just put in my Highpoint Respond cd or Todd Agnew and jam out while praising the Lord. I love jamming out in my car to old music, new music, the Beatles (my FAVORITE), Clapton, Justin Timberlake, whatever. I don't discriminate, I like it all. Well, except for the new rap stuff. That's just not good.

8. Worshipping God - whether it be at church, small group, at home with Ross, by myself, whatever. I find it absolutely essential to my well being.

9. My family - I can't be away from my family for too long without driving to Memphis to see them! Thankfully it's not that far. We usually have such a good time together laughing and talking and goofing around, I miss that.

10. Email - this sounds silly, but I really love emails. Getting them is like opening a little present and it fills me with joy! It keeps me in touch with people I'd probably never talk to otherwise. It's hard to get on the phone these days. However, I hate long forwards. So, don't send them to me!

I'm sure there are more, but I HAVE to go do some cleaning while Jude is asleep. Maybe I'll post some more soon! Hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe even learned a little bit more about me. :)

Oh, and I want to pass it I invite you to share yours, too!

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