Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The year of Cotton

Last week Ross and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. Usually I post a blog about what I've learned that year. At least that's what I did last year. But this year I just want to say that marriage does get sweeter. In the beginning, it was all so new and exciting and I miss that sometimes. But the more time goes on, the better friends Ross and I become. The closer we get and the more we know each other. And going through the hard times, it makes us stronger as a couple. I know 2 years doesn't sound that long, but I'm pretty proud and happy to have celebrated another anniversary.

Ross' grandparents are getting ready to celebrate their 60th anniversary, which is amazing. What a testimony to us younger generations! I look forward to spending the next 60 years, and hopefully more, with my wonderful husband. Marriage and parenthood are truly the 2 best gifts on this earth.

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Jessica Kenney said...

Great pics!!! Hope you guys are doing good. Seems like you are!