Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rolling over

I had to redo my blog. I get tired of the way it looks so often that I need to change it. Ross informed me today that the family blog is starting to look more and more girly. Since his name is on it, he wants it to not be so girly. So, we agreed on this layout. It's still under reconstruction, though.

So, Jude started rolling over! I discovered this as we were doing tummy time yesterday that we hadn't done since last week. I put him on his tummy and he was holding his head unusually high and not crying, which I was excited about. And then he just rolled over! I kept putting him back on his tummy and he kept rolling over, which is how I got it on video! Here is a video of it...

So exciting!! He is growing up so fast. I am so loving being home with him and getting to see all of this stuff. It truly is better than any paying job I could ever have.

And here are a few of pics of Jude I've taken the past few days...

Smiling boy


Here is Fiona with her favorite ball. She found this football in our backyard and now loves it! She's so funny with it.

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