Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ross' List

This is Ross (obviously, if you've read the post title), and here's my list of things I love that really get me going, or bring me joy. (in no particular order)

  1. My Wife: Quite frankly, she's freakin awesome and i'm really glad I married someone that's as goofy as i am and has a similar sense of humor and can tolerate me when I'm being a butthead. Not to mention how hardcore she is, and how into Jesus she is and how willing she is to submit her whole being to Him and allow Him to change her...I don't do that as willingly as she does and it's just awesome. And i love her dances!
  2. My Son Jude: I can't wait til he's running around causing trouble...sure I'll probably be going out of my mind, but I'll enjoy it! Til then i'll make due with him being immobile but still super-baby, lol. That smile is priceless, not to mention his laugh!
  3. Music: Music is so awesome, I love all types, but i have phases I go through. One month will be a metal month, the next might be drum'n'bass month then the next might be hip hop month. Right now it's drum'n'bass's self-explanatory: drums and bass. For a drummer music doesn't get any better, it's music completely based on the rhythm section! i also love making music, even though I'm really not so good at it. And of course playing my drums.
  4. Science: It's what I do. I've been into science probably since I started school. It's awesome for me when an experiment goes smoothly and i don't screw anything up, lol. Or when I get the results I expect, that's always a plus (but in science it's also a rarity) I love when I get a lot of good experiments done during a week...makes me feel like I've accomplished a lot.
  5. Truth: I love it when I'm reading my Bible and a new truth is revealed to me. It's like God giving a little snippet of himself to me! It blows my mind how we live in a culture where science and logic and intelligence are so dominant, but truth is ill-regarded. Science and logic are all about truth! ...anyway, dI won't get myself started on that track. Truth is good.

I'm sure there's more, but i can't think of them right now...I'll add'em later

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