Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pics of my little man

You know I am always all about posting the newest pics of Jude that I like and today is no different. I haven't gotten any really good smiley pictures in awhile, so here they are. Oh, and of course he's sans clothes in them. He likes to be nakey...

Yep, that's lots of baby drool on his chin

And this is what we like to call drunk old man...which is him being drunk on the magic milk. hehe

And here is a pic from our day at the pool today. My sweet friend Lisa got him this floatey and he loved it! It looks like I'm strangling him in the pic, but I promise I wasn't. :)

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Kleivsian said...

How neat! Thanks for my shout out:). It does look like you are strangling him!! I know that's totally not the truth.