Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Memphis trip and Father's Day

This past weekend we spent in Memphis with our families. We drove in Friday night and were planning to stay til Sunday, but Ross decided to take a vacation day on Monday, so we got to stay an extra day! The whole weekend was really, really fun. I think Ross had a good first father's day, too. He is such a wonderful daddy, I am so proud of him! Here are some pics from the weekend...

Double team

Jude and Naughnie...

Just before bath

This is what we like to call Super Baby...

Lovin my kid

Jude fell asleep with his Pap Paw

Jude and his sweet cousin Shawn

They are almost the same size! Shawn is 7 weeks younger than Jude.

Here I am with both babies

Here's Jessie talking to both of them

Then sadly, it was time to come back home. It was one of my favorite Memphis trips.

Fiona likes to join Jude on the floor

Jude is all about making tongue faces now

...and sticking his fingers in his mouth 24/7

This time Ross joined Jude for tummy time :)

And by himself

He's getting so good at holding himself up. It's crazy how fast he's growing and changing.

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ELLA ROSE said...

You turkey...I didn't know you were in town. I want to see that sweet baby of yours!