Friday, December 3, 2010

Family, is there anything like it?

Is there anything cuter than your kid playing pretend with his toys? Jude just started doing this and I have to say, it melts my heart. I am awed by kids and their imagination, how it seems so pure and yet untainted by cynicism and the bitterness that seems to come with age and unfulfilled dreams. Sometimes it makes me want to be a kid again. Sometimes.

Jude really enjoyed letting his Buzz play in the johnny-jump-up and feeding him puffs like I do Ezra...
We enjoyed being with our families over thanksgiving. Even through all the mess you go through when being with family, the holidays are a chance to learn, grow and love people like you never though you could. Not to mention, I got to meet the sweet Lucy Meade, 
see some old friends, have a great meal with my family, and enjoy a much needed night out away from the kiddos. I'm so thankful for those who love us no matter what!

Welcome to the family, Lucy. We feel so blessed to be a part of your life!

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samantha said...

We didn't get any pictures :(