Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back on the wagon

It's hard getting back on the wagon after being sick. Back to working out, housework, laundry, cooking, the works. (notice I didn't say mommy duties because there is never time off from that!) It's hard playing catch up. The remnants of being sick is, my house looks like the tazmanian devil ripped through it (or more like a little preschooler), my kitchen counter still has flour on it from the last poor attempt (and fail) at making bread, the laundry is piled up in a hamper beside me waiting to be folded, and the house smells like fresh bread. That last part makes me happy, though. Hopefully order will be restored to my house, my laundry and my head before the whirlwind of the holidays take us over.

On a few other notes:
I just got this phone (in black, not white), and I have come to loooove Blackberry...and this phone. So what if it's not a touchscreen? I didn't really want one anyway.

Ross did not like that hairstyle that I posted a few posts ago, so I am thinking about bringing this back:

What do ya think?

I have been love, love, loving this song and this one too ...and listening to them quite a bit. Jude calls them the "girl's song" and loves it too. This girl's voice gets my mind set back on the One it's supposed to be on, instead of all the crazyness, stress, and all the 'stuff' that has whelmed up around me. Look her up - Lanae' Hale. She is amazing.

I have been thinking about cooking this. I know, it looks grody, but I am so in love with curry. I think that even though it looks gross, it probably tastes really yummy...simply because it has curry in it. :)

We still have not been Christmas shopping. Ross and I have a date to go shopping on Friday, and we still have no idea what we are going to get our boys. Maybe we should plan better next year?

I'm going to go listen to more Christmas music. It makes me happy too.

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