Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Cards, yippee!!!

I love this time of year. The decorations, the music, everyone’s joyful spirit, it’s contagious and magical…but one of the things I love the most is Christmas cards. There’s something about receiving one that is special. I love giving them too, of course, but there’s something sweet about a simple hey, we thought of you this year when sending out cards. Which is why I’m so excited about Shutterfly’s 2010 Christmas card collection. There are many different styles, and you can include photos…they are just so darn cute! I have looked through it and have loved so many. They really pulled out the stops this year with over 800 pages of different designs. I have to say, I did find a favorite that I’d like to use! In the past I have done a traditional folded card, but I am excited about doing a photocard this year.  Here are a few examples of the ones I’ve fallen in love with…


Doesn't it make you want to order some right now? And if you want 50 free (and who doesn’t!), then go HERE. I have used Shutterfly in the past, and have known many, many people who have also and I have to say, they are the best. And they don’t just have cards, people! They have photobooks, which would make great Christmas gifts for the family, birthday cards, birth announcements, and even desk calendars. They have a great selection, great products, quick delivery… So, go to the site and order from them now! You won’t regret it!

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