Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jude's Dedication

This past Sunday, we dedicated Jude to the Lord at our church. The service was really sweet and so many of our family showed up! I was overjoyed that so much of our family came. After the service, we all came back to our house to have our own potluck lunch...except it wasn't really a potluck. It was such a great time, and a very special time for Ross and I.

This is us with our pastor/group leader/friend, Chuck
The whoooole family that was here....minus Brandon

And some pics we got while the family was here...

Even my sweet friend, Emily, came
My sister, Jessie and Shawn stayed a few more nights, which was AWESOME. They just left today. I was so glad they stayed! I even talked them into staying another night.....but I had to make a deal with my sister. If she stayed an extra night, I'd watch The Notebook (which is something I was NOT looking forward to). But, it ended up not being too bad, and at least they stayed, hehe.

Tummy time together

They were looking at each other in this one, so cute!

Yep, they were matching


ELLA ROSE said...

So sweet, Brandie! I can't WAIT to see him in person on Saturday! He's a doll - and he's gotten sooo big. (and can't wait to see you too - it's not ALL about the baby :)

Stacy said...

Awwww....what a sweet time in the life of the Fergus family!! And, all of your families!! You have a beautiful family!! Thank you for sharing your pictures and your most personal moments. In Christ's love, Stacy :-)