Thursday, July 17, 2008

Growing up

Lots of people have been asking me what new stuff has Jude been doing lately? Instead of typing it all out 100 different times, I thought I'd just type it here and then refer them to the blog for updates. :)

So lately, the Jude man is...

-Laughing a lot. Refer to the previous blog to hear it, if you care to. :)

-Trying to sit up by himself. He can usually do it with a little support. We usually just prop him up on the couch so he can chill like a big boy.

-Eating rice cereal. It's more like a game of how much cereal we can get on his face, but hey, that's what it's all about, right?

-Pulling my hair. He has a death grip like you wouldn't believe. I'm surprised I still have any hair left.

-Rolling over all the time. He's no longer a blob! He's moving all the time and barely stays on his back anymore. He rolls over to his tummy, stays there awhile and then starts fussing. I always say "son, you did this to yourself, so roll back over!"........he very rarely ever takes my advice (although he CAN, he just won't or doesn't know to).

-Standing up with support. Those legs are strong, boy! Sometimes I wonder if he'll become a wrestler someday or something.

-Loving his bath time. Since we took him out of the hammock in his bathtub (the infant stage), he can actually sit up in his bathtub and splash around. It's too cute.

-A waterbaby. He loves the water! We go to the pool all the time and even went to the lake once. I'm so excited, now I have a permanent pool buddy. That is, at least until he gets older and doesn't want to hang with his mom. Ahh, the joys of the teenage years.

-A foot grabber. Loves those feet....especially when I'm trying to change his diaper. Try changing a diaper when your kid has a hold of his feet. Doesn't really work!

-Blowing raspberries. He is all about blowing spit everywhere! I have to admit, it's rather cute. But then again, us moms think everything our babies do is cute. Mom #1: "My baby has the cutest poop I've ever seen!" Mom #2: "Well, my baby has the cutest spit up I've ever seen."

-Teething...I think. He wants to put everything in his mouth and he's drooling like crazy. I've heard bad, bad things about babies teething, so I'm not looking forward to it!

-Sucking his thumb. He's been doing this for awhile. He usually tries to fit both hands in his mouth, but it's just not big enough.

-Still sleeping through the night. 11 hours to be exact. I am in heaven.

I know some of you may not care about any of this, especially if you single...or a guy. If no one else does, then my mom and mother-in-law will. :) I freaking love our baby Jude so much. He'll be 5 months on Monday and time is flying by too fast! I wish I could bottle this age up and never forget it.

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