Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Too long

It's been awhile since I've posted. Mainly because I haven't had time and I used to post at 3am when Jude wasn't sleeping, but that has changed. More about that later. :) Last weekend for Mother's day we spent the weekend in Memphis. It was really a good time. My sister got me a spa day at Gould's! She wants us to go together, which will be super fun. I was just telling her a few weeks ago that I need a spa day or something to pamper myself. I definitely need to recharge. She said she had already been planning this, how sneaky. She really is the best sister ever. So, the next time I go to Memphis, I will get a massage or facial, manicure and pedicure! Anyone who is a new mom understands how important this is. I haven't felt like a woman in a long time. I just feel like a mom.

Something new and exciting, Jude is sleeping through the night! We started a bedtime routine and a few other things and viola! He's sleeping about 12 hours a night now. I tell ya, getting sleep makes all the difference in the world. It's such a blessing. And, I started exercising this week. I decided it was time to get the baby weight off! Hopefully that will start paying off soon.

I need to post some new pics. Some of these are random, some are from this past weekend. Enjoy!

Chillin naked...

He was not happy here...

Jude and his daddy...

This is a new fashion statement...

These 2 pictures are funny. Here is Jude sleeping on his daddy...
And the close sweet!

Cute face, he couldn't figure out what the camera was in his face...

Smiling so big!

More big smiles!

All the rest following are from our Memphis trip this past weekend.

He has started sucking his thumb. Too cute.

The girls....and Shawn! :)

Jude and his Nanny

Shawn and I. He is getting so big and so cute!!

There's always time for silliness...

More silly time


I love my family.

Jess, Sissy and Jude

Jess and Jude (yes, he has a serious double chin. Ross calls him King of the Double Chins!)

More of Jess and Jude

Jude and his Gammy

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