Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fun Family Times

Today we were at my aunt's in Blytheville for our annual family cookout. It's always so awesome to go and spend time with them because I only get to see them a few times a year. We ate some good burgers, laughed, sang and enjoyed each other's company. And I even played the autoharp a little. I tell ya, the wind didn't make it easy for us though, it was so windy!

We also have acquired a stray dog. He was wandering around my aunt's house and he was so hungry and skinny, we felt bad leaving him there. And he is so cute! So, we brought him home and he was real wary of Fiona at first. She is a pretty big spaz around other doggies. At least right at first. But, they've been out in the backyard playing off and on for awhile. Fiona is super excited about him being here. He doesn't seem as excited. But, that's usually the way it goes when we get her around other dogs. She loves playing with them, but she also just gets on their nerves. We are treating him for his fleas and ticks and hopefully he'll be rid of those nasty things soon. I'm not sure we're going to keep him, though. I really have my heart set on getting a brindle colored boxer whenever we decide to get another dog. I contacted the owner of a rescue here in town to see if she can find him a home. We'll see how things work out. Here is the little guy...

Oh, and here are some pictures of Jude that I took yesterday.
Here he was chillin on the couch like grown folks...

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