Monday, January 10, 2011

Foodwaste Friday

I might have to start a Foodwaste Friday like The Frugal Girl does here. I have food that constantly goes to waste because I either forget about it or I put off cooking it until it goes bad. This is on my mind because last night when I went grocery shopping, I got home and went through the things I already had to see what I could cook this week...the asparagus I bought had gone bad. Asparagus is not cheap, folks. And I had bought 2 bunches. This frustrates not only me when this happens, but Ross also. (actually I don't think he minded much about the asparagus because he's not a fan of it like I am). So, last night I said no more! I am so tired of needlessly throwing perfectly good vegetables, or anything away just because I've waited too long to cook it. Maybe if I post it out here, it will help? Not sure how, but it couldn't hurt, right? 

Right now, I am enjoying the quiet while my boys sleep, while searching for BlackBerry apps that will help me plan my family's menus...anyone have any suggestions? What are you doing on your snow day?

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Ten said...

I check out her blog from time to time ever since you last linked to her...I feel SOOOO guilty with all the food we waste! Right there with you girl.