Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why having a 1 year old is pretty much the best thing ever

As Jude and I were sitting in his rocking chair laughing and playing, I realized how I've been missing out on how much fun having a 1 year old is. Then I started to think of other ways in which having a 1 year old was super fun, instead of thinking of the negative all the time. These are the things that rolled over in my head throughout the day:
  • 1 year olds think everything is funny. I can dance around silly, blow raspberries on his belly, or just give him a funny look and he cracks up. Listening to him laugh is really my favorite thing in the whole world.
  • 1 year olds give really funny, but sweet kisses. Sometimes they're open-mouthed, sometimes tongue is sticking out, and sometimes they're just regular--lips closed and tongue inside. I never know what I'm getting, but they're all gladly accepted, just the same.
  • 1 year olds love to sing! At least mine does, and it's so sweet to listen to.
  • 1 year olds are so fascinated with everything. Everything is so new to them and they're unsure about everything, it's really interesting to watch them figure this world out.
  • Before I go in to get Jude every morning, I can hear him in his bed talking up a storm and then I walk in to get him and his whole face lights up and sometimes he squeals with makes my insides melt everyday.
  • [Some] 1 year olds like to kiss their rubber duckies every night when they get out of the bathtub.
  • 1 year olds blow kisses with their wrists instead of their hands, so cute.
These are just a few reasons why I love being the mom of a sweet, frustrating, adorable, hilarious 1 year old boy named Jude.

As for an update on this blog, we are doing much better over here. I have realized the key to dealing with a 1 year old is patience. I have been more patient and Jude is really not been as much of a Taz as he was. I'm pretty sure my frustration was making it worse.

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