Monday, March 23, 2009

Lovely Days

Yesterday was such a nice day that we decided to go to the park. We laid out a blanket, read some, relaxed, it was a nice time. We really enjoyed the beautiful day!

Jude's first time on a swing....he was lovin it!

Stoic Jude.
I'm tired of this thing always being in my face!
Eating some grass, yum yum.
Pretty lake background.
This pic is merely for Emily to see how short my hair is now. It doesn't normally look like this...the wind made it look big!
Here's the better one of us 2.
Lookin sleepy.
The best family pic we could get...of ourselves.

The only thing that was missing was our dogs. We didn't think we could handle them plus Jude, but definitely next time.


ELLA ROSE said...

Love it! Your hair is really cute! You look sooooo much like your sister!! Wow!

Jenna Fergus Art Classes said...

I love your hair too. Your kid is really cute too!!