Friday, December 11, 2009

Thanksgiving Love

This year, the family Thanksgiving linner (lunch dinner) was at my sister's new house. She was pretty nervous about it, being her first thanksgiving to host and all. But, she need not be worried because the house looked great, the food was delish and there was plenty of it! You know we had to document the event too!

Here we are trying to take a pic of ourselves, since we have no recent pics of us. Someone said (as we were doing this), "dude, there's like 20 people around who can take this pic for you, why are you trying to do it??"

My sister and Shawnie Rich! He looks like a little man!

How cute is my sister? She looked great that day!

Alllll the food. Well, I don't think that's even all of it...that doesn't look like that much!
Mommy, Jess and Jude
The Fergus Family! You can kinda see my baby bump in this pic.
Jude and Addie Lu playing ball together.
How sweet are these boys, giving hugs!
This is Shawn's smile. hehe
Addie Lu and all her cuteness!
This pic cracks me up every time I see it. In his pjs, camo jacket, boots and reading about God. Good stuff.
Us girls with our daddy!
My sweet friends were good enough to come and be with me for a bit.

There's my kid with what he loves best...the BALL!
Isn't he handsome...with his fake smile and all??


Sammie and Mary said...

Fake smile? I think he looks genuinely happy! lol

Brandie said...

Naw dude, that is totally a fake smile. ha! You know him, he wants to look goofy in every pic. If he's smiling, its fake!