Monday, December 14, 2009


Before I start this post, I have to start off with a belly shot. I have several people who have been begging me for one, so here ya go! Here I am at 30.5 weeks.

During our small group on Sunday, our leader asked us what our old family Christmas traditions were as kids. I got a little sad. I couldn't remember a single one. My family has always done fun things and enjoyed being with one another for Christmas, but have we had any traditions? I can't remember. Ask my parents, because pregnant brain has set in. Well, we have started a new tradition where we go to breakfast together, but that is our favorite thing to do together, so I'm not sure it would be strictly considered a Christmas tradition.

Ross talks a lot about his family traditions from childhood. How his parents would wake them up on Christmas morning with these silly old Christmas albums/songs and how him and his sister would wake his parents up at 5am to open presents (even though they'd already kinda know what they were cause they were SNEAKY, bad kids, hehe).

Hearing him go on about his family traditions, it makes me long for and excited about starting my own. Even if we have to steal some that have been previously used (we have acquired his parents' old records that he listened to as a kid and we dance around while listening to them everyday...I have to admit, I LOVE it), that's ok. We will make some new ones of our own, too.

And for that and many other reasons, I am so incredibly giddy about my family this year. Our little Fergus family. Starting a family was something I wasn't sure I'd ever do, before I got married of course. But, it truly is the greatest blessing. Its more than just having babies because that's the thing to do, or because that's what's expected. Its about making your life mean something; finding joy in making traditions and memories that will be a part of your childrens' lives forever.

I am excited!

And of course, the post would be boring without pictures! My sister and I took these at one of our family Christmases this past weekend!

Ross and I (+Ezra)

Jude looking at something.

This was the only pic we could get of the three babies! Well, they're not babies anymore!

Jude and his favorite Aunt Ellen. :)

Papaw and the boys.

Jessie and Sydney.

Us girls with our bro.
Us sisters. I love that girl.


brandi said...

You look ADORABLE! and so does Jude! I just love his hair!

Sammie and Mary said...

It's true. We had alot of traditions and I am also eager to start my own traditions. I am glad that you guys got those old albums!!!