Friday, October 23, 2009

Ode to Coffee

Why is coffee so darn good? I fell in love only a few years ago, but now I am hooked. The smell, the taste....even if I do put tons of flavored creamer in it. People tell me it ruins the flavor of the coffee, but I disagree. I don't fill my coffee cup with lots of creamer to cover up the coffee taste. I do it to add to it. I think it makes it even better. Anyway, I was thinking about this today as I was making myself a warm cup of yummy-ness. I thought that I not only love the taste, I love the little caffeine buzz it gives you. It helps me get my butt in gear and get to work...on whatever that may be. Sometimes my motivation is nonexistent.

Now, here's the sad part. My general physician doctor told me on my last visit a few weeks ago that caffeine is REALLY bad for people who have acid reflux disease. His exact words were "its like throwing gas on an open fire." I've had bad reflux for 6-7 years now, and no one has ever told me that-and yes, I've been to many doctors in that time. Since then, I've mentioned that to several other people (who have all said, "oh yeah, I know! It's HORRIBLE"...How come no one told me?), it felt like I was the last one to know a piece of juicy news or something. So, in light of that piece of information, and because I'm 23 weeks pregnant, I've tried to cut back on the caffeine and just drink decaf. It certainly doesn't give me that little buzz that I like, but it still tastes just as good. Today however, I had a full fledged cup of caffeinated coffee and it was LOVELY. I just had to say.

And coffee dates with my friends are my favorite! When you mix good company, conversation and that hot little (or large) beverage, it makes life so much better!

What was the point in posting this? No particular reason. I guess just to tell you, I love coffee, caffeine and all things related...well, except for soda.

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