Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Coming Around

Ahh, its time for the "its been forever since I've posted" post. Yes, it has been over a month (shame on me), and I could go on about how busy I've been, or how this pregnancy is making me EXHAUSTED, blah blah blah. That has all been said before. Really, I'd rather just say that today, I am being the best wife and mom that I can be, I'm laughing constantly at a certain hilarious almost 2year old, and I finally am getting excited about our little Ezra James coming in February.

I know what you're thinking she wasn't excited already??? Yes, of course I was/am happy about our second little boy, but I have not exactly been anticipating his arrival. All I could think about was how Jude didn't sleep at night for the first 3 months (which you mommies know, baby doesn't sleep, mama doesn't sleep) and I was completely and utterly miserable. It was most definitely not the best time of my life. So, all I've been able to think about was that since finding out I was pregnant.

The other day, while Ross and I were dancing around our house listening to old Christmas albums, (while Jude watched skeptically from the sidelines, as if to say, who are these crazy people!) I said, my eyes welling up with tears, "I am really looking forward to having another baby."

And I meant it.

It just took a little longer for me to come around this time.

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