Saturday, December 6, 2008


Here are the pics from Thanksgiving. I know I'm terrible, Thanksgiving was over a week ago, but I've only just now had a chance to post them. These are all pictures me and my sister took with her camera, so I didn't get any of the Fergus side of the family. That makes me sad. Maybe next time.

This is most definitely a posed picture my sister took. We were all about some eating, though. And the food was good, thanks Rebekah! It was delcious!Jessie and Jude
The Tillmans, minus Jessie
My sweet nephew Shawn

Jessie. my Maw Maw and Lauren (the cuz)

My best friend since the 1st grade...however many years that is. Wow, that's crazy.
The infamous "Brandie and Felicia together while one of us holds the camera" pic. I don't know what my mom was planning in the backgroun, ha.
The Vaughns
Mom, Sis and Shawn
The Ferguses!
Phil and Eli
My Jude boy
Shawn and I

My crazy family, and Mo
Vaughns, Tillmans and Ferguses

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brandi said...

looks like you guys had lots of fun! and the babies together are SO CUTE!