Monday, December 15, 2008

New layout and Iced In

Ok, so I had to stay in keeping with the Christmas season and get a new layout that reflects that. This one is entitled Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, and it's from, which is a neat site. Also, I don't think very many people have the font that I have on here, called Pupcat. It's really the cutest font ever. So, be sad if you don't see it. :)

The update today is...we are iced in! It's been sleeting/freezing rain since about 2:30 this afternoon and our street is a blanket of white ice. Not pretty, fluffy snow, but ice. Yeah, thankfully we've got food and diapers for Jude, so we'll be ok. Although Ross said it should be gone by tomorrow. We'll see. Being iced in is no fun for us because we have no warm, cozy fireplace to sit by.

And I'm still working on my knitting project, but I had to take a break to get my blog all situated. :) I may post pictures tomorrow of our icey winter wonderland if it's worth seeing.

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