Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pictures of the Ice...and Jude too

Last night I promised that I'd post some pictures of our little ice in, although Ross just got out to get something we desperately needed, so I guess we're not officially iced in. But, our street is looking pretty scary to drive on...look for yourself

And here are some of Jude today. We're just hanging out, in our pjs and watching Mary Poppins. Maybe ice in days can be fun without a cozy fireplace.

You can really see his front teeth in the last one. Love that gap! It's too cute.


brandi said...

he's adorable! i can't believe he's so big! i remember when you called to tell me you were preggers! gah!

Jenna Fergus Art Classes said...

Great pictures angel!! He is the cutest child ever! In one of these pictures he looks just like Ross. love, m2

mrsbentley519 said...

Hey Brandie! If you want to be able to view my blog, message me your email address. I've made my blog private. Thanks! :)

Stacy said...

look at those choppers!! love it!! and, love the new layout...so festive!! :)