Monday, December 4, 2006

Weekends, you gotta love em

It was a busy, but good weekend at the Fergus house. Friday night we joined the Y. I don’t think you understand how extremely difficult it was for me to get Ross to finally join a gym. I haven’t been going regularly since we moved…which has not been good for me.

So, we finally bagged those leaves! I know you were waiting in suspense for that one. We thought someone would just come pick them up….but no. Silly us. We got to bag them all ourselves. It took us an hour and a half in the freezing cold. I had a pair of yellow dishwashing gloves on under some cloth hunting gloves, and my fingers were STILL ice cold! Ross was a trooper though, he didn’t have any gloves on under the hunting gloves. 14 bags later, my back and legs were so sore and shaking, but at least it’s all done and our yard looks somewhat pretty now!

Then we decided to go furniture shopping. We thought we’d try this one other store we hadn’t looked at before buying a sectional couch that we kind of liked at another store. Well, we walk into this store and the first couch we see, we fell in love with! So, we talk to the guy and he gives us a really awesome price, so we’re diggin this whole deal. Then Ross spots a really funky chair that he loves that matches the couch, so he’s like “we have to get this too!” The kicker, my favorite part, was this. The guy told us he could have it to us by Wednesday…of this week! I was like heck yeah, dude! Bring it on! All the other places told us, 3-6 weeks for delivery. So, yeah, that was our fun furniture buying experience. I think it was meant to be. At least we’ll have something in our empty living room. We won’t have to squinch on this tiny loveseat anymore…cats and all! I’m sure I’ll get pics up when we get it in and all situated n stuff!

Then we wanted to go to walmart to get a Christmas tree, but the parking lot was CRAZY. Angry Christmas shoppers everywhere! We decided to go back later and get one. So, it’s later. We go to Walmart, pick out a $30 tree and a few other things, take it home and set it up!

It looks so funny though. It’s the dinkiest tree ever, and it has so many bald spots, but I absolutely love it! It’s our first tree! J Our cats try to eat it a lot too. Sometimes I wonder if they even have brains, it’s a fake tree!

Sunday, we went to church. It was a good service. I wanted to bake some cookies for our small group meeting that night, but our oven sucks. I mean, it does not cook well at all. So, sadly, I burned those cookies. L I still took them to group though, and people actually ate them. What a sweet group of people! Ha!

That’s pretty much it for this past weekend. I’m looking forward to this week, getting the furniture and then my nephew’s bday party is this Sunday. PUMP IT UP, baby!!! I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but it’s THE funnest place on earth. I’m sure I’ll have to blog about it after the weekend is over. It’s a total kid’s place, but sometimes I think it’s more fun for adults….we can appreciate it more.

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