Thursday, November 4, 2010

Still here, staggering on...

And when I have to crawl
Will You crawl too
I stumble and I fall
Carry me through 
The wonder of it all 
Is You See me through

When everything I was is lost
I have forgot where You have not
When I am lost You have not lost me

I love lyrics. Sometimes they say the exact words I need right then, or explain some feeling I have in words that I can't quite form myself at that moment. Sometimes they're just clever, or soothing, or fun, or just plain awesome. I found this song earlier and I fell in love with it. It so explains what I go through at times, crawling, stumbling, but thankfully I never have to do it alone.

I have been trying out a ton of new recipes, some I have liked and some I have not. I'll have to put them all together some time, when I don't have 2 small kiddos running around. But, I am enjoying cooking and baking bread like never before. Who would have thought, I would actually enjoy cooking! 

What's been going on in my world:

Making new friends, developing existing friendships with amazing ladies, missing my sister, cooking, baking bread, exercising, running, ZUMBA!, potty training, studying Isaiah and 2 Timothy, raising 2 boys, dealing with poop, reading a parenting book, a marriage book, expanding my knowledge on preschooling an almost 3 year old at home-and actually doing some preschooling too, looking for fun activities for us to do together, finding new music to listen to, searching for ways to eat/live more healthy, and really just loving life. (whew! is that a lot? naaaaah) Not to sound like a Perky Patsy or anything. I mean, who wouldn't love life with these 2 cute, sweet, funny, challenging, lovable, did I say funny? boys...

 I'm not too happy about the composition of this photograph, but it was so sweet I had to post it. (this was not posed, I looked over and he was sitting like this, maybe pondering something really intellectual, you know, poop, food, candy, Buzz Light Year...the things 3 year olds think about)
 I am really enjoying watching this little boy's personality form more and more everyday
He loves his mama, for sure :)


shelly vaughn said...

what is composition? I thought this was a remarkable picture. I went wow when I saw it.

shelly vaughn said...

Both of my grandchildren are so photogenic. The blue of the shirt on Ezra is beautiful. Brings out his eyes