Saturday, November 13, 2010

In my backyard...

There is very little else I am able to take photos of, other than my kids and what is in my house or backyard. So, as I was walking around my backyard, I was looking for any quirks or interesting things going on out there. This is what I found:

Pretty green and yellow plants

 A Broken fence from the ice storm a few years ago

Other pretty plants that are several different colors

Jude loves to play with water (no, that's not the dog's water bowl)

Long sticks that Fiona drags around and plays with

I look at my backyard every single day and this time I saw it in a new light. I was able to be inspired by a few things out there that make it OUR backyard. Now, we just need a swing set or something to play on and we'll be set!

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