Monday, November 15, 2010

New look?

I have been getting tired of my hairstyle. What woman doesn't? It's a way to reinvent ourselves at a cheap price (well, maybe not so cheap anymore), a way to express ourselves, to feel vibrant, young and sexy. You feel like a new woman when you're sportin' a new 'do. And with my current weight loss thing going on (at least 20lbs, but I have not weighed in awhile), I want a new look to go with my new bod. I came across some photos of a model from the 60s, and I thought, I could totally pull that off. I don't really know if I could, so I'm asking your opinion..

Yes? No? I have been contemplating getting full bangs, but I just don't know if I could pull it off. And will they get on my nerves? Probably. I need something new though, something drastic, people! (and I want to keep my length. I am so not all about chopping my locks of chin length or hair does not do short very well. Believe me, I have tried.)

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Anonymous said...

I agree that a new do can work wonders at a relatively low price! I have seen a few friends get bangs, but I haven't been able to embrace the idea myself - mainly because I would have to get my hair trimmed more often, and I just can't be some pics of it!