Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Randomness

Here are more random pics I've taken recently. Yep, I take tons of pictures of my kid. What can I say...he's dang cute!

This is how he says "Please"

This is what he does when noises are too loud.

Here's one of the sad faces with the lip! That's not even as far out as the lip usually goes.

Aww, the single tear. So pitiful.

Back to happy!
Love those teeth!
Ticklin baby
Here's Jude playing with his friend Emery.
They were so cute together! Emery's mom even told me they hugged, when I wasn't looking and didn't have the camera. Poop.
Jude and I were snuggling in the blanket together. That only lasted about 1 minute though.

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brandi said...

aw, you're such a good, sweet momma! he's the cutest boy! hopefully i'll get to see him in person before he's five! geez!