Monday, January 19, 2009

Hodgepodge of our life

Here are just some random pictures I've taken recently.

Every night, before Jude's bath, we have a pre-bath, nekked baby ritual. We do funny dances, rub his soft booty, sing and chant funny phrases, twirl Jude around like he's on a fair ride, tickle him, you know...the normal, crazy parent stuff. Who doesn't enjoy a little nekked baby?? Of course, we had to do some self-censoring. Don't want to be too inappropriate here. :)
Nekked baby is really fun to tickle.

Chett likes to hang out in the bathroom while Jude's getting a bath. Maybe Chett wants to get in there with him...
Jude loves his rubber ducky.
Jude and his cousin Shawn!

This happened one day when Jude had fallen asleep in his car seat. Not wanting to wake him up, I brought him in, left him sleeping and undid the belts so he'd be more comfortable, thinking he would be safe (since car seats are supposed to be safe and all). When I walked back in a few minutes later, this is what awaited me. He was perfectly ok, though!
Jude loves his Cheerios. Especially getting them stuck on his chin. He usually saves those for later, ha.

Jude, his Nanny J and Naughnie.
Us Ferguses

One of his sad faces, but the bottom lip isn't stuck out on this one.

He went from sad face, to this
And of course we have to include our silly dogs. I really think Chett thinks he's a person in a furry body.

Chett and Fiona say "Good night!"


Stacy said...

okay, you're crackin me up with all the pics and details to accompany them!! i feel like a fly on the wall at your house - love it!! =)

Lauren said...

That picture of Jude getting out of his carseat was petty funny! I bet you were freaking out when you saw him! May be time for a big boy