Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009

Here is a look at 2008 in the life of the Fergus family.

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Honestly, I am really excited about 2009. 2008 was a great year...a really really great year. But, I am excited to look ahead. To see what's in store. Ross and I talked about what our desires for 2009 are. The first few that popped into my head were this:
  • to grow spiritually, as a family
  • to be a family that gives and is a blessing to other people, instead of receiving blessings all the time
  • that we would begin to train Jude up in the right way
  • to get into shape again (be healthy, eat right, exercise, you know the normal new years resolution)
  • to see some good, small changes in my children's ministry at church
I wouldn't call these resolutions, I actually can't stand that concept. I like to think of them as goals to work toward. I am so looking forward to watching my son and family grow, being challenged, and I'm especially looking forward to changing. Who likes staying the same? :)

Happy New Year to everyone, and I really do hope this year will bring you true joy that you've never known, love that you never knew existed, and so much laughter...the kind that makes your insides hurt.


Jenna Fergus Art Classes said...

I love these ideas! Your desires are things you can control or manage and that is mature. Christ gives the GOALS (not big on resolutions myself, like goals much better). Jesus will be faithful to bring to completion that which He begins. A verse I re-found this new year in Philippians chapter 1. Glad you are one of mine now! M2

Mary said...

Hey Girl! Thos pictures of Jude are Great!! The one of him on the horse! He looked so happy!! Love you guys and miss you!