Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trying out light

I have been reading a lot about lighting lately. There is so much to be learned, sometimes it gets overwhelming. I have to confess, I've been guilty of only thinking about how much light I have/need and not really about the direction of the light, the harness/softness of it, the color of light, or any other aspect of it. I am learning very quickly that it's not just about how much light you have, but the quality of light also.

A couple of shots I actually liked...

 Backlit tree
ISO 200, 1/200 sec, f/16, manual exposure
I can't decide if I like regular or b&w better (I'm a stickler for b&w)
Playing with a little sunflare, same tree, just closer
ISO 400, 1/80 sec, f/29, manual exposure

 B&w again

I love the lighting on her face here, isn't she beautiful?
ISO 400, 1/800 sec, f/1.8, manual exposure

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