Tuesday, March 2, 2010


A few people have asked how we are doing. My answer: It really depends on the day.

Some days are good, like today, and some days...not so much. Today, I am feeling more like myself than I have in awhile, I'm glad to be a mommy and I'm ready to face the challenges before me that will happen during the day. Days like yesterday, well, I just want to run away and say forget this and possibly sleep for a week straight.

Yesterday, my sweet friend called to check on me. I felt like that call was not just a coincidence, but divinely orchestrated. She gave me many words of wisdom and hope, and for that I am grateful. I told her "In my (almost) 28 years, I have to say, this is by far the hardest time in a woman's life...well, my life so far." She agreed. Having a newborn, feeding every 3 hours, fighting exhaustion so heavy your eyes hurt, trying to train a toddler in the midst of that....all the while dealing with hormones and post partum....sometimes it feels too much to handle. But, today, I have hope and courage. I woke up and chose joy this morning and it has made a difference. And of course it helped that Ross took baby duty some last night so I could get a little sleep. What a prince he is!

Just a few thoughts on my mind today:

I have THE BEST husband ever. He has been a tremendous help and great support for me during this hard transition, sometimes being the voice of truth and reason, which is something I desperately need. I am so glad he is the one I will spend my life and grow old with.

I'm wondering why Jude still has a fever. He's had it for 4 days now. Neither of my boys feel well and it's really hard to watch them suffer like that. Ezra has this bad sneeze and cough and it is PITIFUL.

I had some quiet time to myself today and am extremely grateful.

I am also extremely grateful for my friends and family. I've been so blessed recently by those in my life and it helps make the days not so long.

The Biggest Loser is back on tonight!!! I have missed it...stupid Olympics.

I am aching to get out of the house! We're going on 5 days inside now, but with these boys being sick, I really can't get them out to do anything. Boo!

My sweet, sleeping boy! Wish I could sleep this well. :)

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Sammie and Mary said...

Wow!! he has changed so much! Now i definately think he looks like jude in this pic when Jude was his age!!