Thursday, March 11, 2010


With a talking toddler in the house, we really have to watch what we say. He is repeating EVERYTHING, including the exclamations of GOSH and GOH!, oh man!, crap! and everything else. While it is somewhat frustrating, it is kind of fun, too. To see Jude learning what things are, using the actual words and communicating with us, I love it. I love watching him grow into this little person. Even though he is a great talker and communicator, he's still a new talker, so not everything he says is exactly right. And boy, it is darn cute. Here are a few of what I like to call Jude-isms.

Fingers are mingers. (I think this one is my favorite)
Milk is guh-guh-guh.
Mouth is mouse.
Spiderman is ah-man.
Blanket is beekle.
Tree is tuh-reeeee.
Booty is boot-ay. (ok, I taught him that one)
Juice is boose.
Phone is na. -have no idea where this came from
Truck and sock are u-kuck or o-kuck.
Pray is puh-rayyyy.
Volleyball is balleyball.

These are just the ones I can think of. Having a toddler is so fun. Everyday is full of something new, super fun, and/or challenging. I surely love being this boy's mama! And I definitely look forward to watching Ezra grow into his own little person too. What a blessing these boys are!

Jude, with his good friend Addie


brandi said...

How adorable! I remember Jordan using cute little toddler words! I remember once, he looked up at the sky, held his arms over his head and said, "GOD POOPS TWO BIIIIG BUCKETS!"

I think he was trying to explain how big God is. HA!

Alethes Ginosko said...

Dude, what the heck is Jude wearing?

I think tur-reee is my favorite.