Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yeah, football!

With all the football talk that Jude has been doing lately, I thought he might enjoy some real football, or the free fan appreciation scrimmage game that ASU had a few weekends ago. It was bright, hot, but fun! He enjoyed some Cheetos while mom had a free hot dog (now I normally hate, and I mean HATE hotdogs, but it was free. I can't deny this pregnant body food when I'm that hungry). After the scrimmage game, Ross took Jude (along with our friend Mike and his daughter Emery) out on the field for some fun run-around time.

I can't wait to take him to a real game. Where there's actual cheering, excitement, tackling and touchdowns (yes, Jude's favorite part!). He will love it...and so will we!

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brandi said...

man, i really regret not taking advantage of football games when i was in jonesboro! we went to one or two right before we moved and it was really fun. there's a baseball team here, but i like football WAY more.

glad to see y'all are doing well!