Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Everyone needs a little Hey Jude

As I sat down to rock Jude a little before his nap, I found that instead of settling down, he wanted to play. This happens a lot. Usually I just go ahead and lay him down and let him play in his bed a bit before going off to sleep. This time, I thought I'd sing him a little tune. I started with the infamous "Hey Jude, "...I know, original, right?? I started singing and when I was done with the first line, Jude had already laid his head down on my chest, thumb in his mouth, all the while watching me as I sang. So sweet. Of course I was loving it. But, after a few bars, he was tired of that (of course), so he sat back up and wanted to play again. So, when I got to the na-nas at the end of the song, he started laughing! He thought my na-nas were funny, which of course cracked me up too. Then I just ended up dancing around his room while singing the na-nas. He loved it! Just another thing I wish I had caught on video. Life is so much fun with this little guy. I just love being his mama!


Alethes Ginosko said...

best baby evar...we can say that now because #2 isn't here yet

Jenna Fergus Art Classes said...

Man, that is great!!! Such a sweetly written memory. I loved seeing that as I read.